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Label for Kakke og DeMonica (1 ep TRYNE from 2011 and one cd album to be launched 2012)
and bøyen bengs cd album Bengladiro (from 2012)
b"oslash;yen bengs lyrics are in Norwegian only, but summaries of the songs are given in English in the booklet.

Kakke og DeMonicas debut ep (cd) TRYNE - contains 3 songs in English and two in Norwegian.
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You can order TRYNE at post at fantasight dot net.
Kakke og DeMonicas cd album has 5 of 13 songs in English. The release date of this album are beeing announced later.

Other releases to come: an academic study by Merete Mauland of the DAB radio's entrence in Norway, and what it means to the listeners.
This will be an audio book read by the author.

fantasight is making audio comics in Norwegian

about previous web radio broadcasts

- Registred firm August 2. 2005. One-person sound design-firm.


Audio editing, all types of radio programs, Jingles, vignettes...
Analog to digital transphering
Digitalizing DV to dvd or cd, from vinyl to cd, Mini-Discs, cassette tapes, DAT tapes, 1/4"reel to reel tapes...
Transphering cassette audio books to... cd, .in wav, mp3, ogg, aiff or other formats.

Pilots for journalists applying for work in radio stations...
Checking website accessability for the blind using syntetic speach / refreshable braille display

Music and CV for Monica Ruud

Norwegian site


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